Ja sam Marija i kroz health coaching i izbalansiranu ishranu pomažem ti da (p)ostaneš zdrava, vitka i puna energije

Zašto health coaching?

Od ulaska u pubertet isprobala sam svaku moguću dijetu i način ishrane s jednim ciljem – da smršam. Sigurna sam da znaš o čemu pričam. Od preskakanja doručka (i prejedanja za večeru), do sumnjivih preparata za mršavljenje, sve što sam htela je da imam vitku figuru. Tako sam od srednje škole, pa kroz studije i kasne dvadesete verovatno napravila svaku moguću grešku u ishrani – a moj cilj je i dalje delovao nedostižan: kilogrami odu, pa se vrate, i tako u krug.

Nezadovoljna rezultatima, nakon godina nebrojenih pokušaja i promašaja, u jednom trenutku mi je postalo dosta. Dosta eksperimentalnih dijeta, dosta gladovanja, dosta uskraćivanja, i dosta brzopoteznih rešenja.

Rešila sam da pre svega hoću da budem zdrava, pa sve ostalo!

Pitala sam se da li postoji pristup uz koji mogu da napokon jedem i uživam u životu, a da ostanem vitka?

Vodeći se tom željom, nakon studija biologije nastavila sam da usvajam znanja iz nutricionizma.

2015/16 godine otputovala sam u Ameriku gde sam kroz niz edukacija i sertifikata objedinila svoje formalno obrazovanje, strast prema ishrani, sportu i zdravlju – u jedno zanimanje – health coaching.

5 godina usavršavanja kulminiralo je primenom veština u Njujorku, pored vrhunskih fitness i nutrition coacheva uz koje sam formirala i vlastitu metodologiju.

I prestala sam da gladujem zarad vitke linije 🙂

Danas radim kao health coach sa više od 3 godine profesionalnog iskustva. Svakodnevno pomažem ženama u sticanju zdravih navika, vitkog tela i zaraznog samopouzdanja.

Kako i tebi mogu da pomognem da ostvariš isto?

Verovatno već znaš sve što se treba znati o mršavljenju, kretanju i zdravoj ishrani. No umesto da ti sve te informacije ulivaju poverenje, one ti prave dodatnu pometnju i ne daju trajne rezultate.

Moj glavni cilj je da ti pomognem da primeniš znanja i alate koji odgovaraju baš tebi, tvojim potrebama i tvom tempu života. A da zatim usvojiš optimalan način ishrane i zdrave navike uz pomoć kojih ćeš se uvek osećati vitalno i dovoljno snažno da ostvariš sve svoje velike ciljeve!

Ako si rešila da raskrstiš sa dijetama jednom za svagda piši mi putem formulara koji se nalazi ispod. Prva konsultacija od 15 minuta je besplatna.

    Samantha L.

    I was always intimidated by weight training and going into the “men’s section” of the gym until I started working out with Marija. Turns out I really love kettlebell workouts and strength training, and Marija gave me the confidence, motivation, and expertise to improve my form and give me the best workouts. She’s knowledgeable, patient, motivating, kind - and not to mention she made the process fun so that I always looked forward to working out with her. She’s the best and gave me terrific results!

    Zee D.

    I loved working with Marija. I had other trainers before but Marija really cared for me and the results are crazy. Coming out of our session, I’m always so tired because she motivates me to really push myself. Not just on working out, she also gives the best advice for my daily life. I always felt my mind is clear after our session like I just went to a therapy session! I’m really glad I had her as my trainer before she left New York.

    Deythra S.

    I have had a wonderful experience working with Marija. I’ve been working with her for about two months going into three months and it has been great. Marija has invested the time to get to know me and she understands what I was looking for and she has done a great job with helping me achieve my goals. She is very friendly and easy to talk to and invested in you when she is working with you. This has been a great experience.

    Wilson M.

    Marija was my private trainer at Equinox in New York City. She consistently set up thoughtful fitness programs customized to fit my needs, and pushed me to overcome limitations that I was experiencing. As an added bonus, Marija is knowledgable about nutrition which also contributed to the overall success of my program with her.

    Ianchevskaia O.

    Marija is really the best trainer I have ever met. She always tries to make sure you are satisfied with your experience. She uses individual approach to each client, always is prepared to a session, and in general, she is a very nice person. I was happy to meet her. I will definitely return to training with her in the near future.

    Kevin S.

    Marija is an amazing trainer. She is very focused on getting you in the right workout program and making sure it fits the level of fitness you are seeking. Her training regimen is dynamic as she is constantly evaluating you during every session to see what works and what doesn't work so as to make adjustments. I loved working with her and you will too.

    Nicole W.

    Marija makes you work hard but she makes it fun too. When you think you can't keep going, she would make me laugh and I'd get my groove back. She helped me get stronger, listened to any story I wanted to tell, and was also open herself. I had a great time and got healthier!

    Danny M.

    Over the last few years my weight has steadily increased and my core strength has decreased, which I could not get it under control. I tried to develop my own exercise plan, but in the process I injured my knee, shoulder and hip which was a huge set back. I decided to inquire about a personal trainer who could assist me in safely losing the weight and building strength. Fortunately, I was placed with Marija who was the perfect fit for my situation. Her exercise routines are rigorous, but not past what my body can handle. Within 5 weeks, my muscle mass had improved as well as my blood pressure and weight. My knee and shoulder pain has dissipated and I’m already in much better shape. I am looking forward to the next few months and anticipating feeling even better.

    Kate H.

    Working out with Marija has been one of the most positive experiences ever! Certainly, I have never felt the level of confidence and enjoyment from working out as I have been since I started seeing her earlier this year. From our first meeting (in which I was very emotional!) Marija has really made me feel listened to, understood and she has helped increase not only my physical strength but my overall well-being. I started out not feeling confident and without much stamina, but quickly I went from kind of dreading going to feeling like a happier person after each workout. When Marija encourages or even pushes me she’s helping me with my own goals in a healthy way. She’s a cheerleader not a drill Sargent. She really makes it about what’s best for you and I can’t recommend her enough! I feel very fortunate and grateful.

    Karan K.

    I worked with Marija for a month in order to follow a plant based diet. Marija was really helpful in providing all the guidance, along with explaining the importance of each foods nutrition value. She was very kind and provided inputs or clarified doubts whenever it was necessary. The guides and schedule provided by marija very really helpful in shaping a balanced diet for my daily routine.

    Shikha S.

    Marija’s endeavor to get the best out of you is truly inspiring. During Covid, considering times were challenging and work schedules were haphazard, she really helped me in the habit-building process to not only take care of my physical shape but also stay on top of my mental health. Even today when I’m not undergoing sessions, she checks in with me which speaks volumes of Marija going beyond her profession with my best interests at heart. Thanks for everything, Marija!

    Hadley G.

    Marija is the ultimate fitness and nutrition coach. Her expertise is undeniable and her enthusiasm is contagious. She consistently helped me set and achieve goals that, before meeting her, I would have never thought possible. She is a wonderful trainer and person, and her knowledge for nutrition is astounding. I learned so much about healthy eating and habit development from Marija. Could not recommend her enough!

    Lindsay H.

    Marija and I worked together for only a short period of time. She exceeded any and all expectations I had for her. She was genuinely excited to work with me and about my progress. She was easy to communicate with and our sessions were always helpful and knowledgeable. Her pricing is reasonable and we’ll worth it. Marija took the time to get to know me and my reasons for wanting a healthier lifestyle. She took and interest in me and was so helpful in my nutrition journey. She took small, easy steps to start and didn’t make me feel bad if I fell short of my weekly goals.

    Jim C.

    I found Marija through a search for a personal trainer and nutritionist. We set up an introductory Zoom call to meet each other and found out that while I thought I searched Savannah GA, Marija was in NC! So after some conversation we decided although we were to far apart for training, Marija could work with me on Nutrition through Zoom calls. So we set up several sessions to get started. What started out for me to be a desire to lose weight has turned into a journey to lose weight, feel better and hopefully live longer. I’m 61 years old and through a much better understanding of what I eat, when I eat it and how much, I’ve lost 7 lbs on my first month. Marija through s helping me learn about me. What foods I like, better ways to prepare them and different things I like, but hadn’t understood or thought of, to enhance my meals, nutrition and ultimately help me lose weight but just as important, feel better. In just a few meetings I feel better physically and emotionally Tran I have in recent memory. So I’m on a journey. Marija is just as invested in helping me as I am in the process. I think that is so important and without a doubt a significant part of my short term and long term success. During our meetings I feel as though I have 110% of Marija’s attention. She is a great listener and asker of questions. Her knowledge of fitness, nutrition, biology and I have to add psychology as it relates to food and habits is significant. Her follow up after our meetings is timely, detailed and on point. Marija is very kind and thoughtful as well. We’re building a process for me personally, that I can manage and understand both from a nutrition and well being standpoint. It’s not always easy abs Marija I understands and helps me work past the barriers. I’m extremely satisfied with our work and give the highest recommendation possible. If your looking for someone to work with who is interested in helping you personally, Marija is what you’re looking for. To Marija I say THANK YOU!

    Brenda A.

    Marija and I have been working together for 3 months. I have lost 15lbs in 12 weeks and have learned so much about what I should focus on to reach my weight-loss goals. Marija is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about using all her training and skills to help me; she challenges me and knows when I need extra motivation to do my best. Marija, you’re awesome!!!

    Marija always takes a holistic approach to health and fitness. She is empathetic in all aspects of my health and clearly wants to help. I have seen so much progress since starting with her.

    Madison W.
    Hadley G.

    Marijah is an incredible trainer. She is dedicated to health, both in terms of fitness and nutrition, cultivating an intersectional and vast amount of knowledge regarding healthy living. Training with Marijah has transformed my body and my relationship to my body. Not only did I see incredible results, but I also formed habits that will help me to maintain and expand on my progress. She is a kind, caring and motivated person and trainer, dedicated to helping her clients build and maintain a working knowledge and dedication to fitness. Her passion for healthful living is contagious. As a trainer she is highly skilled and adaptable, changing workouts to accommodate injuries and incorporating rehabilitation exercise to help speed recovery. She knows how to optimize gym time, and she is deeply in tune with the needs and desires of her clients, supporting them in the gym and in their outside pursuits. Training with Marijah has been one of the best things that has happened to me, and I cannot recommend her expertise enough.

    Sonya A.

    My experience with Marija was phenomenal, I was looking for someone to help me navigate through how to make better nutritional choices, lose weight the healthy way and change my approach to food. She not only helped with that but also incorporated other aspects of my life that were affecting my health. A true life coach who’s approachable, realistic and relates to every day struggles. She comes highly recommend if you are looking to make positive changes in your life.

    Rae M.

    I worked with Marija for about 5 months. She was so easy to work with and to talk to. She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone by giving me small goals each week. She motivated me and supported me when I was frustrated or discouraged. She responds to messages with detailed information in a timely manner. She is amazing! I highly recommend her.

    Sharonda G.

    Marija is an amazing trainer. She’s super knowledgeable, professional, patient, adaptable, a great listener, and communicator. She was exactly what I was looking for; someone is push/encourage me but not force me. I lost 10 pounds in 7 weeks but more importantly I have more energy, my flexibility, and endurance has improved!

    Sharon G.

    This was an amazing experience! I learned sooooo much from Marija! She was very helpful, informative, and supportive throughout my journey to wellness. I decided I wanted to work on my health and hired a nutritionist, great decision; choosing Marija as my nutritionist was the best decision! I went from barely eating vegetables to consistently eating veggie (and making it myself)! Can't thank her enough! You won't regret hiring her. Thank you for all the knowledge and support! It may not seem like a big deal to some, but I would not be able to make meals like the ones below and enjoy them if not for Marija. It's a big deal for me cause 98% of the food i ate was take out haha! Wonderful experience!

    Madeline G.

    I reached out to Marija to help me achieve my goal of losing weight. After COVID-19 it has been difficult to go back to my ideal weight on my own. I work out consistently but my eating habits were not helping me. Marija worked with me in a way that I never feel I’m on a diet, just making better choices regarding my meals. She really takes the time to understand your needs and works around your lifestyle. She provides different options, recipes of healthy meals based on why I like to eat and am willing to try. I’m really happy with my results and been in a weight that haven’t been in over 10 years. Marija works around the food I like to eat and introduced me to other foods that I could try. I never felt that I was dieting and very pleased that I found her.

    J. M.

    When I first embarked on my weight loss journey, I looked for a coach who could counsel me well on both nutritional and fitness related issues. I placed a request for coaching on Thumbtack with my own questions. Of the four responses I received, Marija was the only one who took the time to answer my questions. This stood out to me and left me with no doubt who I wanted as my coach. Answering my questions wasn’t just a ploy to snag another paying customer either. As I worked with Marija I found out that that was who she was and how she did her job. I learned to expect that she would always be prepared. Additionally, she has training and experience in both fitness and nutrition and on the rare occasions she didn’t have an answer she would find it and get back to me with the answer. Under Marija’s guidance I lost more than fifty pounds from January to September. I’m much more agile, have significantly more stamina, and my doctor has been thrilled with my test results that indicate how much my health has improved. If you are looking for a coach who is always prepared, genuinely cares about their clients, and gets results, I highly recommend Marija!

    Jade F.

    (In just around 2 weeks) Marija has been able to completely change and enrich my views on nutrition and eating! She's a great listener and very easy to talk to, and she also makes sure you completely understand all of the facets of your nutritional needs. We took multiple deep dives into macros & micros, and she was able to help frame all of this knowledge in terms of daily diet. She was able to use my objectives and goals to create a flexible nutrition guide that I'll be able to use indefinitely to inform my eating and what foods I need to optimize my health and nutrition, and all of this came with very user-friendly and helpful info-graphics! She is so kind, and you can tell she really knows what she's talking about. I can't say enough good things about her, really, and I'll be returning after my surgery when my goal changes from body re-comp and maintaining weight to building muscle and increasing weight.

    Noura E.

    Marija has been such a great help on my nutrition journey. She provides clear advice and resources that really help you stay on track when life gets so busy! She’s really helped my eating habits in a way that benefits my active lifestyle. 10/10 recommend.

    Kate H.

    Working with Marija has been one of the best things that’s happened to me - not just this year, but ever. Before I started I was skeptical that I could learn anything new or do anything that made a long-lasting change. I had gotten to the point where I felt like dieting was horrible and never worked. I was done depriving myself, but I also knew I wanted to feel better and take great care of myself. So I stopped the perpetual worrying and nagging negative thoughts and gave health coaching with Marija a try. I am shocked by how much progress I’ve made - I’ve learned a lot, I have lost weight without that even being a primary focus, and most importantly my mindset has really changed and I feel so positive. Maybe other nutrition coaches can give you tips, but Marija will make you really feel heard and understood. She’ll help you focus on your bigger goals and reframe what you’ve spent probably 2/3 of your life thinking and feeling. If you can gift this gift to yourself I hope you’ll give Marija a chance. She really does care and she’s very knowledgeable. Our work together continues and I know I’ll be forever thankful to Marija.

    It’s about who you are and how you show up in the world.

    You look in the mirror and you love what you see and how you feel in your own body.
    Your New Year resolutions have nothing to do with starting a new diet or losing weight
    You’re enjoying food that nourishes your mind, body, and soul
    evo ijoijb oho nordh dgvrev g rvrv vrbrbrt vt gtyuyn.

    Eat food, Mostly Plants. Not too much.

    Michael Pollan

    The first wealth is health.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.


    If it came from a plant, eat it. If it is made in a plant, don’t.

    Michael Pollan

    Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.

    Mark Twain

    Pročitajte ukratko o meni rečima jedne od mojih mentorki, Žane Poliakov

    Autorka sajta je diplomirani biolog, master genetike, sertifikovani nutricionista.
    Živi i radi u Severnoj Americi.
    Neprestano uči i istražuje. Spaja staro, otkriva novo.
    Jer… srazmerno količini znanja, povećava se i svest o nepoznatom.
    Primenjuje znanja iz biologije u službi zdravlja i ishrane. Kreira recepte.
    Piše o svemu tome. O promenama, motivaciji, kreativnosti, ljudskoj prirodi.
    Iznosi svoje opservacije o životu u Americi, o životu danas, o životu uopšte.
    Dobrodošli u njen playground.

    Marija Portrait